Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m a self-taught home cook and a health-coach-in-training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Cooking at home allows me to express my creativity in the kitchen, reduce my need to eat out, and have control over what I put in my body. It wasn’t long ago I ate Starbucks croissants for breakfast, boxed macaroni & cheese for comfort food, coffee and cookies for an energy boost, and laxative teas when I had too much of the first three. Now I cook 80-90% of my food at home, grow vegetables in my garden, eat eggs from my backyard chickens, and read food ingredient labels like a detective. I’m happy to report that my digestion is like clockwork now and my energy is even keel. But we all have things we’re working on. For me, it’s getting regular exercise. Health is a journey. It’s not something you arrive at; it takes constant practice. I’m here to show you, no matter your excuse, that you can gain control of your health by preparing food at home and making small changes in your lifestyle.  You can read more about my food philosophy here.

When I’m not cooking, you can find me humming and strumming my guitar. I write songs and sometimes perform solo acoustic shows in my hometown of Chico, CA. I recorded an album of original music in 2009, which you can check out on iTunes.

My boyfriend, Matt, and I share responsibilities around the house. He fixes stuff. I have my very own MacGyver. Matt owns his own business fixing dents in cars for a living. I help him with giving estimates, marketing, and bookkeeping during the week. In turn, he helps me take some of the beautiful photograph you see on this website. He’s also my taste tester. He’s pretty handy to have around. And he’s handsome…and funny and nice. *Pinching Myself*


If we’re not tending to our chickens and garden at home, we’re probably camping around Northern California in our 4-wheel drive VW Vanagon Syncro or putting around on Matt’s motorcycle. A true testament to our relationship: we rode 3,000 miles on said motorcycle through the desert Southwest in 2012. Just the two of us, two sleeping bags, a tent, some food, and a few changes of clothes for 3 weeks. I don’t think we were thinking very clearly when we decided to take this trip in June. It was over 100 degrees for much of the trip. Our helmets were like greenhouses on our heads. Really. I don’t know what we were thinking.



I look forward to reading your comments, answering your questions, and sharing many more recipes and health tips with you. My hope is that this blog will offer you some inspiration to make small changes in your life.

Nice to meet you,

Coach Jackie