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Salted Chocolate Bark with Maple Bacon and Ancho Chile


Salted Chocolate Bark with Maple Bacon and Ancho Chile. Does this need explaining? Think Mexican mocha meets maple-drenched bacon. Sweet. Salty. Scrumptious. All you french fry milkshake dippers out there know what I’m talking about. This recipe is for die hard fans of chocolate covered pretzels and proscuitto-wrapped melon. But we’re not going to stop there. We’re gonna add a pinch of ancho chile and cinnamon, just enough to make you go “Hmmm. What’s that spice?” Why not? Life’s short.

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Vegan Lemon Squares With Chia Oat Crust


After scarfing down two of these lemon squares, my boyfriend proclaims with powdered sugar-covered lips, “These are the best lemon squares I’ve ever had!” I hesitated to tell him there was a whole package of silken tofu in them. Despite my confession, his enthusiasm didn’t waver. How can you resist these cute little bites of sunshine?
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