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Bison Burrito Bowl


Are you on the bison bandwagon yet? What are you waiting for? Grass fed bison has less fat and calories and more protein than grass fed beef. With only a few more grams of saturated fat than chicken or salmon, bison is a healthy choice when it comes to eating meat responsibly. Compared to feedlot cattle, most bison are raised on their natural diet of grass (some are grain-finished before harvest) and are allowed to freely roam outdoors. It is illegal to use growth hormones on bison and many bison ranchers do not use antibiotics either. Bison are less susceptible to disease because the animal is quite hardy and also because they’re not confined in a disease-prone environment like feedlot beef. To be sure, purchase bison with the organic label.
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Watercress Pesto Cast Iron Pizza


Well, I wouldn’t exactly call this healthy. Comforting, yes. Warm and cheesy, most definitely. But healthy? Not unless you mean good-for-the-soul-healthy. I started this pizza with the best of intentions: to take a shot at making a gluten-free crust. Because a gluten-free crust magically makes a pizza healthy, right? Anyway. That first wad of gluten-free dough never saw the light of the oven. After I let it rise, I tried to knead it with my fingers. Had I been blindfolded, I would’ve told you that I was sticking my hands in peanut butter. I couldn’t get it off my fingers. I could not wash my hands of that gooey mess. Needless to say that dough ball hit the bottom of my trash can in a moment of aggravated flurry.
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