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Bison Burrito Bowl


Are you on the bison bandwagon yet? What are you waiting for? Grass fed bison has less fat and calories and more protein than grass fed beef. With only a few more grams of saturated fat than chicken or salmon, bison is a healthy choice when it comes to eating meat responsibly. Compared to feedlot cattle, most bison are raised on their natural diet of grass (some are grain-finished before harvest) and are allowed to freely roam outdoors. It is illegal to use growth hormones on bison and many bison ranchers do not use antibiotics either. Bison are less susceptible to disease because the animal is quite hardy and also because they’re not confined in a disease-prone environment like feedlot beef. To be sure, purchase bison with the organic label.
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Grown-Up Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce


Remember when you were a kid and mom used to take you to the drive-thru for chicken nuggets? The best part was dipping them in all those rectangular plastic packages of sauce like ranch, bbq, and honey mustard laden with high fructose corn syrup? Ah, those were the days. Ignorance was bliss. Sometimes I wish I just didn’t know better. But I do. That’s why I make my own tasty nuggets with free range chicken and almond meal batter. So now I’m going to take your blinders off, too. Sorry, but I gotta do it. Taken straight from McDonald’s website, here is the long list of ingredients in McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and Tangy Honey Mustard Sauce. Drum roll pleaseā€¦.
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Sierra Nevada Stout Slow Cooker Beef Stew


Maybe it was the looming clouds and the threat of rain this week that made me crave beef stew. Maybe it was the fact that I’m getting over a cold. Or maybe I needed an excuse to buy a six-pack of Sierra Nevada Stout and invite our neighbor, Virginia, over for dinner. For the record, we have the coolest neighbor ever. Virginia is a sixty-somthing, semi-retired, celestial anthropologist who never ceases to engage in passionate conversation about her latest discoveries in the Southwest. Matt, Virginia, and I gobbled down this savory stew while we talked about everything from gardening to health to politics. A few hours and several Sierra Nevada Stouts later, we locked the chickens up for the evening and wished Virginia goodnight.
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